Zach LaVine says ‘it’s going to be fun’ adjusting to a new NBA season, first child.

Zach LaVine says ‘it’s going to be fun’ adjusting to a new NBA season, first child.


Zach Lavin He will earn more than $40 million in the upcoming NBA season. But the biggest reward for the 27-year-old basketball star is becoming a first-time father, which he’s excited to share with his wife, Hunter.

“It’s going to be a whole new experience for me,” Lavigne told People, noting that Hunter wraps up in a few weeks. “I think I can fix it, but you know it’s going to be more [the baby] And my husband, and obviously my job has its own demands.

Last month, LaVine signed a major contract extension with Chicago BullsThat would net him $215.2 million over five years. To prepare for the new season, Lavigne has partnered with Klarna. To ensure he is ready for the demanding NBA schedule.

Although Lavin’s personal and professional promotions come with greater expectations, he is eager for the new challenges. “It’s going to be fun adjusting the season,” Lavin says. “Now everything comes second and the most important thing is to make sure we start our family right and make sure the baby is healthy, my husband is healthy and everything is on the right track and then basketball.”

Zach and Hunter Lavin.
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With the birth of his first child on the horizon and a new NBA season soon to follow, LaVine tells PEOPLE that he looks forward to being able to “come home after good, bad, average games, just to come home.” And be a father.”

LaVine posted impressive statistics last season with the Chicago Bulls, earning his third NBA All-Star selection. As he prepares for his first season as a max contract player, the shooting guard thinks the expectations are “the same” as in years past. “I think that’s why you get the contract, that’s what you play for, and that’s what you’re worth,” he says.

The Bulls star assures fans that he is ready for the challenges ahead this season. “People don’t really have to worry about that side, because I think for me, I have my own bucket list and checklists and things that I want to accomplish for myself,” Lavin said. “You know, I’m just going to go out there and play the way I’ve been, the way I’ve been, the way I’ve been, to lead the team to wins and deeper and deeper into the playoffs.”

About LaVine’s daily routine, both on the road and at home, what changes is the time he spends playing video games — which he says is one of his favorite ways to “get your mind off basketball” before a game. “Not everyone can sit at home or on the street and watch movies all day,” he shares.

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In fact, he is an active NBA All-Star. “I’ll be on LFGs and people obviously don’t know my name,” says Lavin, referring to the online term “LFG,” which means to find a group. “I’ve played with people who don’t even know I’ve played,” LaVine admits. “You know, people say, ‘Oh, what do you do?’ And this and that… and sometimes I lie. Sometimes I’ll be like, oh yeah, I played for the Chicago Bulls. My name is Zach LaVine. And they won’t believe me. It’s fun.”

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Video games have become a popular pastime for street athletes, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. It is among the most competitive Phoenix Suns star Devin Booker, Miami Heat guard Tyler Heroand a baseball player Blake SnellAccording to Lavin.

Especially Snell, b San Diego Padres, “He’s probably the most competitive person I’ve ever seen in video games,” says Lavin. “All he does is try to yell at me, so it’s a fun time,” Lavin said. “So we have a good time talking a little trash back and forth at the game.

The Bulls star mostly saves his competitive energy for the basketball court, where he admits to “some dirty talk here and there.” But ultimately, Lavin thinks actions speak louder than words.

“I talk when it’s appropriate or when someone tells me something,” he explains. “I’m very nice on the court, I talk to my teammates. So I talk to people, even if it’s not just to talk trash, but I’m not someone who comes here to talk trash to everyone. My game speaks for itself.

Barry Gossage/NBAE via Getty

He will continue to let his game do the talking as he enters the 2022-23 NBA season on Oct. 19.

LaVine explained, “I think I’m very authentic and I think that’s something the fans appreciate. I’m not someone who’s trying to be something I’m not. Obviously, I think I’m a very talented and very confident player. I put in the work.”

Meanwhile, Lavin is focused on “learning” as much as he can for the soon-to-be father, especially tending to wife Hunter’s needs during the final weeks of her pregnancy. Nowadays, his duties include catering to her unusual needs and giving her a back massage or a foot massage.

“Happy wife, happy life,” Lavin laughs.



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