Zeta Division Valorant Game Changers player comes out as transgender

Zeta Division Valorant Game Changers player comes out as transgender


ZETA DIVISION player Flappy has come out as transgender through the organization following an outcry on Twitter.

On July 27, ZETA DIVISION announced that it will enter Giving value Game changers show with List of women. The roster consists of Suzu, Ako, Movo, Romia and Flappy, the latter of whom was asked about her gender after the group’s signing was revealed on Twitter.

ZETA DIVISION released an ad today that addresses and defends Flappy’s gender. The organization says Flappy identifies as a transgender woman and is taking the necessary hormones to comply with Riot Games guidelines to compete. He also explained that ZETA DIVISION has Flappy’s permission to disclose the information and that it was deemed necessary to post to silence the rumors circulating around their group.

“Flappy, the Giving value The origin of the rumor is that the GC department is a transgender woman who is hospitalized and taking hormones to become a body that conforms to her gender identity,” Zeita Division said. By definition. “Also, a doctor’s medical certificate has been issued, and we have already verified it.”

Flappy and the ZETA DIVISION will compete in the Japan qualifiers to jump into the Game Changers East Asia division. By qualifying for Game Changers East Asia, ZETA DIVISION will have the opportunity to earn a spot at the Game Changers Championship LAN in Berlin later this year.



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